The Return of Mix Master of music "Scoopee"

Is the trend  Of Computer erra where anything is possible with the use of internet to learn anything in the world. But the name Scopee who started Musical productions of songs from way back when the use of fruityloops was the only way. Scopee the Computer Science Graduate at European University Lefke Turkey graduated with First Class. Morumda Ali Mbishida officially called was seen with his Cousin who is a graduate of Pefti the Nigerian House of TV show that has produced many stars such as Baba Ajasco, Boy Alico as they are popularly known as. Fans can't wait to see what next he is bringing to the table. Following the post  on one of his social media testing a camera Drone which is the 2018 overall best DJI Magic Pro. Generally called portable but powerful which can capture even a broom stick from afar clearly. Fans can't wait to have you use that camera for their videos. Scoopee have produced Stars like Classic Buba,Boc Madaki, Prowess and lots more. read more →

Meet the woman Behind "ZALONG"The beautiful light Skin Swaggerlious MUmprenuer and WifePrenuer who has always been a fashionista has proven to be an Eagle amongst all angles.She combines class and Creativity to bring it down for her happy Customers. The young Nigerian University of maiduguri graduate of Business management really took what she studied serious. Mantuda Haruna Tsamani sets path for young generation to follow and they say she will never stop but will keep inspiring and impressing her generation and next to come.

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Did you see Amber Ross expression in 2017 BET AWARD?

The sweet always looking Amber former girl friend to Kenya West was so much in love with the song Mary J Blige performed during the award BET. Saying if you wanna be with someone else you have t love yourself first.Dont be foolish, don't be stupid not everybody mean you well  where word said in the song.. Oh yes we where wondering if she was actually thinking if kenya West meant her well when they where dating since he called her a slut following their breakup. That song sounded like it was created for her healing Therapy with Kenye West Who husband the Kimberly Kardashian who looks just like her body wise. read more →

Analysing" ACRIMONY"Movie starring Taraji P Henson as main character

The movies by Tyler Perry has certainly stir up alot of argument amongs youth having unresolved different point of view about who is to blame and who is not to be in the movie "Acrimony " The beautiful young woman who sacrificed all that not all women could to see her husband makes his dream big to the point of loosing her House which she Inherited from her Mum who also was inheritance from her Husband Father to Taraji P Henson lost it to a husband who spend more than 18years without a job but feeding from inheritance left for his wife. She gave up minutes to him been a multi millionaire. She became bitter when he was about to marry a woman she caught him cheating on her with before they where married which cost her womb. This is the beginning of "Acrimony" in case you don't know the truth definition  Is resentment, illfeeling,enmity,antsgonism,illwill,bitterness,rancour and many more.Dont let me tell you more if you haven't watched. read more →

Joy Yelkon Elisha popularly called L-BEE YouTube sweetheart, envailed

They name Joy Yelkon Elisha may not ring bell to you but Yelkoon's Channel is growing audience day by day on 360jtownstreet  Vloggs showing where nice things at their best are gotten all in Jos city of Plateau state one of the sweetest place to want to be in Nigeria. Do you know why? Jos have the mostly lovely if not loviest anyone can enjoy with Greens and reds of fruit and vegetables all grown here. Your YouTube sweetheart bring it down served at your table on Yelkoon's channel and PRTV. L-BEE your YouTube sweetheart started With natural pathway to skin, hair and health care before Diversifying to 360 as she calls it. Viral Vlogging. read more →


Most often we drink water  When we are thirsty or when we are reminded physiologically but Simple way we drink water can make us maintain a healthy weight and  also loose fats thereby leading to weight loss. A warm water early in the morning cleans out fat straight from the system flushing  it straight to the waste pathe.Have you ever observe what happens when you are grinding or blending some thing in a blender? When water is not enough it doesn't move at all. But when there is water enough,it flows.Therefore I can comfortably say warm water aids in metabolism thereby serves as a slimming agent when taken right. read more →

Bishop David O Oyedepo write public letter to his lost sheeps.

The founder and president of Living Faith Church world wide has written letter to his lost members asking them to return to God for what ever the case maybe, he indicates how natural it is for member to hurt each other and even Pastors may say something hurting to them but plead with them to come back home and receive God's blessings set for them. read more →